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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our plans failed!

My dear Cowboy tonight

Our plans failed! We can't go to Alcampo and Ikea tomorrow because we had too many people in tonight and then we can't just leave everything and go. Now we have decided to go the day after tomorrow instead when it's our day off.
It would have been nice to get one extra day to rest after the trip when it's really hard to do shopping in this big commercial center and Ikea in one day. You walk for maybe 10 kilometers plus try on and off clothes all the time in the different shops.
The grocery market of Alcampo is really huge and you can find almost everything there. It has got 75 (seventyfive!) cashier´s offices!
I better would make a list of what we need to buy when you easily forget things when it's so huge. You can't walk around scanning every shelf there like you normally do in the small shops here in Los Cristianos. Even the Walmarts in Florida are small compared to this market!
I don't know how many other shops you can find inside the Center but guess they are about thirty different shops of fashions, shoes and jeweleries and some of them are quite huge.

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