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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hospital appointment

I have only lost 1,1 kilo grams this first week but I am satisfied when I haven't been doing any exercising at all.
I will soon go by taxi to the hospital and meet the doctor. Hopefully I get the help I need to get rid of the cough when I really would like to start the training program soon.

Clas told me I better would make it up a little bit, at the doctor, and be as bad like I am almost dying. He says if I just go there and smile and not complain much they think it's not so serious and give me some antibiotics and send me back home.
He thinks I need to be a little bit more Spanish and put some feelings into it. Maybe I need to cry some tears and cough until I start vomiting and loose the breath until I faint or something similar.
No, I am not a good actor and think it will just look like a farce. But I think he is right. I ought to take some manners of the culture in practice to be sure I get the right diagnosis.

But now I really wonder how Clas himself would act when he has to see a doctor? He,he maybe he would sit there glassy-eyed not getting a single breath finally crawling on the floor?
Oh, he is so lucky! He hasn't had to see a doctor since we moved down to Tenerife and we have now lived here for four years. He gets colds every now and then but after 4-5 days he recover without having any medicals. I wish I would be the same.

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