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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Silver Treads And Golden Needles

I thought;- Why not publish one more song and I get a good start with the label by having three songs there already!
All songs I publish here on my blog are only in mono and the quality is not as good as on the CD´s that we sell in the nights!
An other thing is that you will not find songs here from the four latest recordings that we have released here on Tenerife. ( We have made 7 CD´s)

`Silver Treads And Golden Needles´is a song by Linda Ronstadt and I have been singing the song for about three years now. We also do a beginners line dance to the song that is called the same, namely `Silver Treads And Golden Needles´.

Oh, dear it's four o'clock! I need to go to bed! Good Night!*yawn*


Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne,
great idea to put music on your blog.
When will you be singing on your blog?
Regards Sue & Norman.

Susanne said...

Hi Sue and Norm,
do you mean like we sing in the nights? I think it wouldn't be so fun when we can't see the audience. But it's possible to do it today if you join an Avatar world and become a band at a bar in the society.