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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nice diet

The diet I eat is very nice. I haven't felt hungry at all. Instead I feel like I don't do anything else than eat when I have to have 5 meals per day and drink a glass of water every now and then in between. It's good to eat an apple in the morning when it seams like it takes away the desire of having sweets.

Clas is still eating like before and today he has been out buying two bags filled with delicacies from a shop with special food here in Cristianos. Oh, it was really a lot of stuff that would be interesting to try but I will resist the temptation.
Tomorrow it's our day off and then he will do a special meal for us in which he is going to use some of the products he bought today which means I can have some of it. He has as an example bought a barbecue sauce called Jack Daniels with a taste of smoke. Very interesting!
Tomorrow I can have a couple of chocolate pieces as well and he has bought After Eight chocolate in cubes (a new design?) that we will have after the dinner.
Maybe the cough is better next week and I can start the training program.

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