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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Blind Curtains

Oh, what a fuss! We almost started fighting!
I mean Clas and I when we were hanging the blind curtains that had been to the dry cleaning company.
We got them delivered about two weeks ago but nobody of us have had time to hang them before now.
I thought we will fix them in ten minutes but it took us 3 1/2 hours to get them in the right place. The whole afternoon!

One window in the studio is 2,60 m wide and the other one is 6,9 m wide and it was a lot of pieces with different measures of lengths to hang.
The problem was that we all the time ended up with a narrow opening somewhere and then we had to take it down and start it all over again.
When Clas took them down for the cleaning he wrote numbers on them to easily get them back in the right space. But the problem was that we all the time started hanging the numbers from left to right when they should have been hanged from right to left. He didn't think about that he had been marking them anti-clockwise which means the last one should have been the first one.
It was really a trying experience and the hot weather made it even worse!
But we are good friends now again when we finally got them in the right place.

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