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Monday, July 21, 2008


I have been out shopping again.
There was many new outfits at Stratovarius today, when the sale is coming to an end, but the style was not really mine.
I bought the boots there and in an other shop I bought the black shoes.
I also bought a black top today and a nice belt with a lot of small artificial diamonds.

We are planning to go to Ikea and Alcampo for shopping soon. Maybe Friday.
I need new flowers for the balcony again when some of them have almost died + Clas needs a lot of new clothes which is going to take the most of the time.
It's almost impossible to find clothes for him here in the south when they only have small sizes.
The only problem when we go to Sta Cruz is that he don't like to try on any clothes. I have to use all the tricks I know and last time he tried on maybe 20 pair of pants, some vests and 20 different shirts which wasn't too bad. But I like him to try on every piece of clothes we are going to buy!
He thinks he can see the size by the eye and like to just take them and go and pay.
Since we came to Tenerife he has bought many shirts without trying them on. Seventeen of them are now hanging in the wardrobe, never used, because they are too small for him. I don't like it that way and will try to do my best to get him into the fitting room this time.

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