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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sun Protections

Our sun protections. Only the brown Piz Buin SPF 15, to the right, meets the safety requirements.

I have been doing a research about sun creams and oils to get to know a little bit more and to avoid to be burned again.
This is what I have learned:

It seams to be important that the sun cream has got a photo stability protection which means that the filter don't break down in the sun. Specially the UVA-protection has got problem with the stability.
SPF means only the UVB- protection.
In EU some bottles or tubes have got an UVA-symbol; a ring with the letters UVA inside. That means that the UVA protection is at least one third of the UVB-protection which is very important.
My type of skin needs at least nr 15-30 to not become burned if I stay one day on the beach.
An higher number would be even more healthy but then I maybe don't get the tan I am striving for.

The sun products stay fresh for only one year after you have opened a package.
Unopened you can save them for 2-3 years in a dark cold place.
On the beach you have to make a lubrication every second hour to get the number of protection that is on the bottle. Even when you don't swim in the sea or the pool!
We have got eight different sun oils in our home but when I checked them up only one of them has got the symbol! Namely Piz Buin. A good reason to go out shopping as soon as I get rid of the throat infection.
After that we maybe can have one more day on the beach!

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