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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Satin Sheets

I have recorded a song that I sing sometimes in the nights and decided to publish it so that you can listen to it. Just click on the arrow and it starts playing!
The original was sang buy Jeanne Pruitt and a lady from Norway asked me to sing this song about two years ago.
I didn't know the song right then, but wrote down the name of it on a piece of paper and found it later. I like it very much and now we have got it into our repertoire.
I don't know how old the song is but maybe it's about 60 years old or more. Anybody knows?
I think the original was recorded on a stone cake?

I am sorry the quality isn't the best on this demo ( it's only in mono) but you can hear how the song goes and how it sounds when I sing it.
Maybe I'm gonna publish more songs in the same way in the future and I have made a new label for it that I call `Song demos´.

Oh, this song reminds me now about our satin sheets that are in the wardrobe. I always forget about them but they are really nice this time a year when it's very warm. I will try to remember them next time I change the bed clothes. *sigh!*
The lady in the song says she's not satisfied with the satin sheets and the pillows and not with her husband either, but I am! I am lucky with all the three of them! *giggle*

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