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Friday, July 18, 2008


Clas says I feed the fishes too often. With that he means that I am blogging too much.

I try to make three posts every day but sometimes I do only two. I read somewhere that you have to make at least three posts per day or the readers will start thinking your blog is too boring, or even worse, they can become angry at you! It's not fun to visit a blog time after time and there is no new updates.

I don't know how long I will keep my blog going. Maybe until the New Year? Then I have been blogging for one year and maybe that would be a good time to quit. We'll see.

Being a blogger has become like a lifestyle and it's almost the same as taking care of a child.
You think about it all the time and try to remember to take photos and every little happening has to be printed down on the computer.

In Sweden the blogging has taken one step further. There the bloggers who have got many readers have it as a profession and they get their salary from the advertising the companies do on their sites. They also get a lot of stuff for free, like makeup, pieces of jeweleries, clothes and invitations to a lot of venues with free drinks and food. But they have to blog about what they get to not make the companies unsatisfied and to become unpopular.

On my little site I don't have so many readers and I pay myself for everything I blog about and have no sponsors or advertising posts. I do it only as a hobby like the most of the bloggers do.

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