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Friday, July 25, 2008


I started shopping when I went out to the company.
I only visited two shops and this is what I found.
-A top and shorts for the training. I am sorry the sharpness of the photo is very bad. I took it with my phone camera.
- A bracelet with hearts in turcuoise. Oh, I like it so much and it will fit perfectly to my turcuoise boots and outfits!
- I also bought a nail polish in blue, a white bra, a white belt (on the photo), A T-shirt for Clas that was too small (anybody needs a T-shirt?) and a brown necklace for my Indian outfit.
There's a lot of new stuff now in some of the shops and I will soon go out shopping more.
Clas is soon ready and we are now going to Ray and Debby. More about the evening later...

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