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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mountain Chaiofita

I am very satisfied with this day so far. My training program says 45 minutes walking or dancing but I have been doing better than that!
And who knows? Do we have line dancers tonight I might dance a couple of hours too!

When I woke up today I had the breakfast and then I put on my sports clothes and went out to have a mountain climbing up to the top of Mount Chiofita which is the small brown coffee grounds looking mountain between Las Americas and Los Cristianos.
The trip took me about two hours. It don't take so long time normally but I sat down at the top and rested for a while. The view is enchanting up there like you can see on the photos.

When I came back home I had a pleasant shower when Clas has bought a new handle for the shower now and it has got many different programs. One is like a massage and it's so lovely to use when you rinse out the shampoo and the hair balm. It almost grind the hair bottom.

The weather has been nice today again. No clouds and +28 degrees. It's not too warm and not too cold it's just perfect! And there is a calm breeze blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean.

Me on the way up. I took the photo myself when I was alone.

Los Cristianos

There's a cross on the top of the mountain.

The beach and harbor of Los Cristianos

Las Americas

This is the path where you walk down from the top.

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