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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Clas played a`paparazzi photographer´yesterday and took this photo of me with the camera zoom, when I was on the way back home from the cobbler.
I think I visit the shoe repairer at least ones a month when the boots loose their rubber soles when I jump on the heals and do the scuffs in the line dances. Normally these movements wouldn't make any negative effects on your boots, but the problem is that many of my boots are very high and the heals are thin as sticks. .

One of our guests have been complaining about my high heals the last two nights and think I need lower boots when I dance so much.
Seen from a health point of view she is definitely right and I have got many different low boots but prefer high boots when I think they look more feminine and nice. Like you see on the photo I try to use low shoes in the daytime.

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