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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New line dances to learn

A couple from England started teaching me the "Ride the river" line dance tonight.
They will be back tomorrow and then we are going to dance it again before we start playing so that I remember it.
It's nice when people take time to teach me dances. It saves a lot of time for me when I don't have to figure it out myself from the dance step sheet and it's very easy to learn a new dance when you just have to follow somebody else.

I hope someone who knows how to dance "My Veronica" and "Catch the rain" will visit us soon because these are the next dances I am going to learn and we have got the music for them.
By the way, the group Barbados who sings `My Veronica´ that is a popular line dance in England and Holland right now is from Sweden. The singer Magnus Carlsson is on the photo.

I will check up how "Rock around the clock" goes now before I go to bed. I didn't remember how it starts tonight. I don't dance it in the same time that I sing which means I never dance it, and nobody else knew how it starts either. So easy it is to forget how a dance goes when you don't dance it every month! *sigh*


Anonymous said...


here you can view the dance Veronica

and here the dance sheet (in Dutch)


Humphrey and Toos

Susanne said...

Thank You!