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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Many different Nations

The line dancers are conspicuous by their absence in the summer time and we had only one single line dancer in the audience tonight, which means the night turned out to be pure country again.

A Canarian couple who live up in a town called Arona visited us again.
They are really country fans and have now bought all our CD's even when there isn't any songs in Spanish on them.
It's seldom locals come out night after night to listen to our music but this couple is really hooked on Country and we are so happy to have them in the audience.

The most of our guests are Britons and in the winter time there are also many Scandinavians, Germans and Dutches.
We have also had guests from Island this week and in August we will be visited by people from Australia. They have already made contact with us by E-mail and are line dancers! I look forward meeting them.

I think we have been visited by folks from all nations in Europe. Also guests from Russia, The North pole (Alaska), Canada, USA and many states of South America have been in our place.
We think it's an advantage to play in such an international place like Tenerife. We meet a lot of nationalities and interesting people every year and we appreciate it much.

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