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Monday, July 07, 2008

Grand Prix, Silverstone

Our internet broke down yesterday and I haven't been able to do any blogging before now.
I wonder why the company don't buy a new server if that's the problem? It's not the first time we are cut off and it always happens in the weekends when they are closed.Really frustrating!

Oh what a race it was yesterday!
Hamilton did a really good start and shooked us all by taking over already in the beginning.
I can't say anything else than;- He is really good! Congratulations to England!
My guy Kimi ended up number four and got the points he needed to share the first place with Massa and Hamilton.
How interesting isn't the next race going to be when they now have got the same total points?
They have all 48 points each and one of them is going to be the leader of the championship next race!
Oh I hardly can't wait! Next race is in Germany the 20th of July.

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