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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our dinner

This is when we started the dinner tonight. You can see the roses of the week which Clas bought today on the table. We have had red, pink, orange and white ones before and this week he did choose yellow ones.

The dinner was really lovely. I will explain what´s on the plate:
12 o' clock: Grilled red onions
3 o' clock: Uncle Ben rice
6 o'clock: a hot macaroni salad
7 & 8 o'clock: Grilled sirloin steak of pork
10 o'clock: A mixed sallad of many different vegetables
11 o'clock: Grilled paprika in a pickle sauce

Wine: Vina Norte Gold, a very nice wine!

Remember! I can eat whatever in small portions 1-2 days a week!
This plate has got a lot of carbohydrates which is not so nice. But I tell you, the taste was very very very very nice!

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