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Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's the matter with me?

Me in a funny mirror at the Pueblo Chico park.
Puerto de La Cruz 30-06-2007.

I don't know what's the matter with me.
The two last years I every now and then have got a soar throat, a runny nose and a terrible cough with mucus. It's worse in the nights and I have figured out it many times starts when I have had smokers around me.

Last night,when I went to bed, I was coughing like crazy and the tubes felt inflamed and irritated and I even felt pain in the chest which made it heavy to breath. It's not so terrible that it makes me die! No! I can live with it but it can't be normal to be like this.
Every time I go to the doctor he says I have got bronchitis and I get antibiotics, but it doesn't really help when I almost never get rid of the cough.
Now I start wondering if I have some kind of asthma or allergy or is it chronic bronchitis?

I know that I am allergic of the spray they use against cockroaches here on Tenerife.
Every time I feel the smell of it and breath it in I get a soar throat, inflamed tubes, headache and problems with the sinuses! The cockroaches dies immediately of it but I wonder how healthy it is for us human beings. Maybe it would be prohibited to use but here in Spain they don't care much about this kind of things. It has to be somebody like EU who says Stop before anything happens.

If I don't get better soon I will go to the green hospital here in Las Americas and ask them to make a real check up. I am so tired of the cough now and having a soar throat and hope there is some kind of medicine that will take away the symptoms.
I hope they don't tell me to stay away from cigarette smoke when that would be impossible at Lewinski. Even worse would be if they tell me to stop using perfumes.


Debbye Jean's Vegan Diner said...

It sounds like you may have chronic bronchitis. Your doctor is right about staying away from cigarettes. Chronic bronchitis is primarily caused by smoking, secondhand smoke and air pollution. Read more about signs and symptoms of chronic bronchitis in my article "Facts About Chronic Bronchitis":

Email me with any questions from the website.

Deborah Trendel, RN, BSN
Your guide to COPD

Susanne said...

Dear Deborah,
thank you so much for helping me to get a diagnosis.
I am not a smoker myself but I work in cigarette smoke every night.